How to use Storytelling to be a better speaker by Leighanne Turner

How to use Storytelling to be a better speaker

Use storytelling to engage your listeners more when you speak with your Voiceover & Speaking Coach Leighanne Turner

Be a better speaker in any situtation

Do you have to speak at work, do training events in the corporate field door in business & you want to learn to be a great speaker like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuck and so many others?  They are all greats story tellers to keep you engaged.

 We love stories, it is like a chance to escape from the routine of life and disappear into a world of  freedom and happiness.

 The greatest speakers are the greatest storytellers.  They have people glued to their words like honey.

Meet Your Teacher

I am Leighanne Turner, a Voiceover & Speaking Coach. I love to provide my voice as ear candy  for those who like to listen to quotes, podcasts, explainer videos, elearning courses, music videos, audio books, radio, promos, online courses. Then as a Speaking Coach I create digital products like audiobooks, online courses,ebooks & templates to  help train women to speak more effectively in the corporate and business world. Some of my clients have been Adidas, Google and Sony to name just a few.

After completing this course...

You'll be able to:
  • Know how to engage with your listeners 
  • Understand and use a good hook to capture interest
  • Powerfully speak with confidence & variety
  • Use humour & good planning to speak better

You'll also get:
  • Exclusive, never-before-seen presentations from Leighanne Turner
  • Breathing, pace & dramatic pause tips & techniques 
  • Audio homework tasks
  • Access to the relevant extra bonus live classes that compliment the course
  • PDF downloads of the ebook and template for the course
  • Lifetime access to all lesson, downloads and resources

Ebook , Audiobook & Template Included

Includes PDF versions of the Ebook & Audiobook - the perfect supplement to the course. A handy template that helps you to remember all the key points

What people think?

Leighanne is an open, honest, fun & engaging teacher. I love her classes so much.
Leighanne has a very charmed personality and you were really involved in our conversation and you were listening carefully and then you responded to me with questions about what I was saying denoting that you were really interested in what I was saying and that was very nice of you
What a great, fun, enthusiastic and informative class which helped keep me interested in all the points raised. 

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What's included?


Story intro (1).mp4
6 mins
Engage the listener's emotions.pptx
130 KB
Storyteller homework 1.mp3
2 mins
Join the Facebook Group every Thursday LIVE tips & Q&A
2.2 MB
Time & Audience
Story time and audience .mp4
9 mins
Storyteller homework 2.mp3
2 mins
130 KB
Listen to the weekly Speaking Tips Podcast
2.24 MB
Use a Good Hook
STORY TELLER good hook.mp4
5 mins
Storyteller homework 3.mp3
2 mins
People want to be entertained.pptx
596 KB
Watch the Live weekly Facebook Group Thursday Q&A
2.38 MB
Keep It Short
Story keep it short.mp4
9 mins
Storyteller homework 4.mp3
2 mins
Use relatable examples that you audience can relate to.pptx
597 KB
Catch Up on YouTube
88.6 KB
Chill my lovely
STOYTELLER chill my lovely.mp4
4 mins
Storyteller homework 5.mp3
2 mins
You want to keep people engaged not make them nod off for an early afternoon nap.pptx
596 KB
Podcast with Spekaing Tips on how to TALK EFFECTIVELY IN BUSINESS
4.17 MB
Have Fun
Story have fun.mp4
4 mins
Storyteller homework 6.mp3
2 mins
Greatest speaker.pptx
597 KB
Watch the Instagram Live Speaking Class Thursday LIVE Q&A
2.46 MB
STORYTELLER variety.mp4
4 mins
Storyteller homework 7 mp3.mp3
2 mins
Go slow so that your listeners have time to digest what you have to say.pptx
597 KB
Speaking Tips weekly Newsletter
918 KB
Ask Listeners to Imagine
Story ask listeners to imagine .mp4
5 mins
HOMEWORK Storyteller (2).pdf
1.52 MB
597 KB
More Speaking Tips on the YouTube channel
211 KB
Storyteller Conclusion
Story conclusion .mp4
5 mins
TEMPLATE infographic Storyteller.pdf
48 KB
BONUS: EBOOK Storytellers are the Best Speakers
35.8 MB
Smile when you speak
1.54 MB


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