Develop a Strong Speaking Voice by Leighanne Turner

Develop a Strong Speaking Voice

Whether or not it is fair, having a  non-engaging, dull or boring voice affects how other people view you.

 Your voice starts the type of relationship that you want to have with someone—whether it is one of work, romantic or just friends.

Develop a Strong Speaking Voice

Do you have a strong speaking at work, online interviews, face to face, on the phone and other speaking events? Or does your voice just drain out into the crowd?

Do you hate not sounding out loud how you actually do sound in your head when you are practicing? If you want to learn some techniques to have a strong speaking voice then download the tips below. 

 The greatest speakers have powerful strong speaking voices and know how to use it as a tool , when to sound soft, hard, sad, upbeat etc. They know how to use their voice as their best asset when speaking.

Please feel free to download the free sample template below.

What's included?

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LIVE Speaking Skills Webinar

Catch up with one of the LIVE Speaking Skills webinar. This class focused on the need to be aware of your time and who your listeners are  when you speak.

Watch the  video and download the free template so you can stay up to date with all the regular tips I hand out.

If you like the free template?

You can see the full course here.
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Who is Leighanne Turner

I am a Voiceover & Speaking Coach. I love to provide my voice as ear candy  for those who like to listen to my voice. 

Then as a Speaking Coach I like to  help train women to speak more effectively in the corporate and business world.