5 Day Speaking Skills Challenge by Leighanne Turner

5 Day Speaking Skills Challenge

What's included?

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Welcome to the 5 day Speaking Skills Challenge
2 mins
WELCOME audio_only.m4a
2 mins
Day 1: Confidence
21 mins
CONFIDENCE Audio only.m4a
21 mins
Day 2: Sound Engaging
13 mins
SOUNDING ENGAGING audio only .m4a
13 mins
Day 3: Volume in your voice
5 day challenge Volume.mp4
16 mins
5 day challenge Volume.m4a
16 mins
Day 4: Articulation
5 DAY CHALLENGE Articulation .mp4
29 mins
5 DAY CHALLENGE Articulation audio_only.m4a
29 mins
Lecture 10 Tongue Twisters Daily routine.pdf
70.5 KB
Day 5: Mastering the art of speaking
5 DAY CHALLENGE Why is it important to speak confidently.mp4
9 mins
5 DAY CHALLENGE Why is it important to speak confidentlyaudio_only.m4a
9 mins
BONUS videos
LIVE Extra Speaking skills for 5 day challenge to have confidence when speaking.mp4
16 mins
LIVE Speaking Class Eye Contact & connection.mp4
28 mins
LIVE Speaking skills Be organised .mp4
17 mins
LIVE Speaking Skills Filler Words .mp4
12 mins
BONUS: template tips
5 day speaking challenge tips.pdf
1.65 MB